A sense of home

I could live anywhere. So I love talking to someone with a strong sense of home. His eyes light up discussing one location, one geography…his.

We grew up in Ohio. My entire adult life I have wanted to live in North Carolina. Beach, mountains, a good balance of rural and urban, quiet and culture – the state offers the perfect geography for a home base. I suggested Nantahala for our honeymoon as part of my less-than-secret plot to get Shawn to love North Carolina too so we could eventually move there. And he does love it. For vacations. But home is here for him and until very recently I thought I lived here only because he loved it.

I was driving home from the airport after a work trip to North Carolina last summer. The lush green southern Ohio hills I’ve breezed by most of my life suddenly took my breath away. And I said out loud as I realized for the first time, “This is the most beautiful place in the world.”

I love this place. He taught me how.

“Life sneaks up on us every once in a while and gives us something we didn’t even know we wanted, and lights within us a love we didn’t even know existed.” Shauna Niequest in Cold Tangerines