About Megan

Photo Credit Green Giraffe Photography http://www.greengiraffephotography.com/

After over 10 years as a professional graphic designer Megan recently expanded her creative focus to include meaningful art gifts, painting, floral design, accent gardening and quilting.

In her work and her art, Megan explores questions with an emphasis on active listening allowing her to create adept, thoughtful solutions.

A full-time, human resources manager at a professional services firm, Megan is judicious with her free time. The design projects Megan accepts are typically either closely related to her interests or pose a unique creative  challenge. She accepts commissions for meaningful art gifts, paintings, floral design,  accent gardening and graphic design. Explore “The Work” section of this site to see examples in each category.

Among many other things, Megan is passionate about liberal arts education, living the antithesis to the stereotypes of scatter-brained artist and closed-minded Christian, continual learning, and illuminating her own and others’ ideas about God. She is happily married to her love and everyday superhero, Shawn. She greatly admires wit in others as “the perfect word at the perfect time,” and is delighted and surprised on the occasion when she, herself, says something funny.

Client work always reflects the client’s personality, but when working on personal projects, Megan’s style reflects the aesthetic influences of nature, Art Nouveau, and the impact of the created-by-hand element. She enjoys painting, reading, quilting and planning her next adventure with Shawn.